It is 6:30 Monday morning, we have spent the weekend packing. Five more sleeps before we leave and we are all a bit toey. The house is a bomb site, there is no power to the fridge in the car, not to mention everything else that needs to be done. Hopefully by the end of the day at least one of the first two things will be rectified. My money is on the power supply as I am off to lunch with the girls. One has to have her priorities right.

Hi and welcome to our blog. Tom and I will be writing this one and the boys will be writing theirs at As I am new to this blogging caper, plesae forgive me as I learn as we go. Also the kids one may be even slower to get going. If you click the follow button you will get reminder emails when we post.

Packing list Clothes – not many Shoes – even less Safety/ rescue equipment – a fair bit Food – a lot! With 3 always hungry boys, long walks and even longer drives I think we will need it all. First aid kit – overloaded with an extensive array of dressings. Three boys + walks = will need them. Important items – maps, kindle, charges of all description and credit card. In no particular order of importance.

Packing injuries Below is a photo of Sam. A shiner the result of a kiss from Patrick….a Liverpool kiss.


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4 Responses to Packing

  1. John McCarthy says:

    Hi Tom, your website has changed totally, from my last entry. I tried to open hello world,but to know avail, so i hope this works. I hope all is going well in these early days,i finish easter holidays tomorrow. Hope Emma and the kids did not get to caught up in the Easter traffic.
    stay safe
    John & Marg

  2. Emma says:

    Everything is going well. a few teething problems with the blog. Hopefully all sorted now and I will start posting regularly.

  3. Theresa Briscoe says:

    Have fun Hindhaughs!!!! What a great experience.

  4. Denise Haslem says:

    Looks great and very jealous – camping equipment looks very high tech, hope all going well and look forward to some more travel stories

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