Day 1. Melbourne to Pine Plains, Patchewollock

Amazingly we managed to leave at 9.30 after taking the obligatory ‘setting off’ photos.

leaving (1024x341)

Music today was bought to us by Bruce Springsteen (of course), and we were tempted to stop in and hide at Hanging Rock to see him. Knowing our luck though Sam would have got lost – so no picnic at Hanging Rock for us today.

The kids have settled into driving. Lots of colouring in and drawing pictures.

Stopped at Inglewood for lunch. Despite the theme music from the movie Deliverence featuring high in our thoughts we had what the kids declared as the best sausage rolls ever, for lunch.

Some of you may wonder why Patchewollock, and where is it?

My friend Anna from university grew up there and I visited there many times during those years. On the way there the kids asked me to tell stories about previous visits – camping out on the sand dunes called Snowdrift, getting camel chariots bogged in the middle of the night, helping build the drop log lodge were a few of the G/PG rated stories I could retell. Pine Plains is surrounded by Wyperfield National Park in the north east of Victoria.

Anna, her husband Paul and their 2 kids William and Rose live in Hong Kong but fortunately were back visiting her mum for Easter. Along with 5 out of her 8 sibings, and their kids, chuck a few cousins and second cousins in and it definitely was a full house, and lodge. Lucky we bring our own beds. A nice easy start to camping: dinner and a few beers with old friends.

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5 Responses to Day 1. Melbourne to Pine Plains, Patchewollock

  1. John McCarthy says:

    hello all
    Glad all is going well. Know this area reasonably well. My mother was brought up in a small town just out of inglewood called salsbury west. Your get to gether with your friends sounded a great way to start the trip. i hope you have the same opportunity with new friends you meet as you travel through this great country of ours
    stay safe
    John & Marg

  2. Julio & Patricia says:

    Dear Tom and family,Pat and I would like to say a big Hello to you and your family, enjoy your lifetime trip,stay safe and sound, take lots of wonderful pictures, and enjoy every minute of your adventure, you all are in our mind thinking about all the beautiful places you will get to see, take it easy and go places, the ones are only in our mind, a big hug to all of you,cheers,I will keep in touch,bye xxxx J&P.

  3. Kate K says:

    Hi guys, so pleased all is going so well. You sound very calm!! How good is that first beer on the first night after set up…….magic. Can’t wait to hear more. Hope Sam’s eye is not too black or maybe green by now!
    Miss you already Tom.
    Love Kate xxxx

  4. Kate W says:

    Approve of the Bruce soundtrack! Hi concert at the Rock was spectacular.

  5. Steve and Margot says:

    Hi guys

    Loving your blog..first one I’ve signed up to.

    So excited for you to be travelling with the family. I only hope we can do the same one day.

    Looking forward to future news and photos of your travels and trust you’re “keeping you powder dry”.

    MOWS ox

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