Day 4 Burra to Ceduna

Today was a mammoth driving day. 670km in 8 hours really not much to say except the boys were amazingly good and that talking books are ace. Luckily, the iPod is loaded up.

Panorama of driving smaller

We set up camp at a caravan park in Ceduna, nothing of note except the owners lent us crab nets and so after dinner off we set to the pier for a spot of crabbing. It is the end of the season so we weren’t expecting anything, and Tom was more than happy to get a few photos of sunsets and piers. Two of his many favourite things to photograph. After setting up the crab nets with fish heads and backbones – which Sam thought was cool and Ben thought was gross the boys and I had a run to the end of the pier to warm up. Sam well over at the end and narrowly missed falling in. #Samdom. We returned to pull up the nets and to our surprise there was one small crab in one. Unfortunately it was undersized so had to go back.

Crabbing smaller

Some of the pier and sunset photos.

Ceduna pier sunset smaller

Driving music was bought to us by the by the letter J which lead to Joe Jackson and James and the Giant Peach.

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  1. John McCarthy says:

    Hello again
    Tom you look really cool behind the wheel. Great family shots particularily on the pier.
    John & Marg

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