Day 5 Ceduna to Bunda Cliffs

A breakfast of champions, eggs and bacon and then off to start the Nullarbor. I am not sure if the Nullarbor Plain actually starts as far east as Ceduna but the Nullarbor Links does.

The Nullarbor Links is said to be the longest golf course in the world. The first
(or last) 2 holes are in Ceduna and the last (or first ) 2 are 1,365km away in
Kalgoorlie. It is a par 72 but I am sure Ben and I will be way more, Tom may be
slightly closer to par. If you want to have a look go to As we will be playing this over a few days I will include it all in another entry.

IMG_1907 (1024x765)

The real part of the Nullarbor Plain is on a limestone plateau so no trees grow. Get it Null =no, Arbor = trees. There is a fair bit of shrubbery though. Long distances between towns and roadhouses, in fact most of the towns really are just roadhouses but it is an amazing place to go. a few quick side trips to the coast, usually just 10km or less revealed spectacular views of the Great Australian Bight. It isn’t the time of the whale migration so no whale spotting.

Head of the Bight smaller

Do you like the boys and their bites? Not quite as big.

Another and even more fabulous place we stopped were the Bunda Cliffs. Dead set AMAZING! This is probably the most fabulous place on the Nullarbor and one of the most spectacular places I have been. The flatness of the Nullabor Plain just drops away to sheer cliffs of over 100 metres down to pristine blue waters.

We were a bit pressed for time so decided that we would free camp here, and cross our fingers no one sleep walked that night. It was bloody windy so we didn’t set up the extra family room tent and the three boys slept on the floor of the trailer. Also because of the wind we had an inside picnic dinner. The boys thought it was great and said it was the zombies that were rattling the walls, and trying to lift the floor up. Everyone slept fairly well and we were rewarded with a spectacular sunset and sunrise.

Bunda cliffs smaller

Nullarbor Bunda smaller

Music today was  Born to Run, Thunder Rd, Midnight Oil (in honor of passing just south of the Maralinga testing range), The BFG (Big Friendly Giant)

Born to Run and Thunder Rd will be getting a work out over the Nullarbor. Tom had decided our family should learn all the words by the time we cross it. This won’t be happening but we have decided to pla them ridiculously loudly first thing as we start driving. Tom and I love it and sing even louder the kids complain and tell us to turn the music down. Bad luck, front seat wins.


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8 Responses to Day 5 Ceduna to Bunda Cliffs

  1. Kate W says:

    Amazing pics!

  2. Emma says:

    Thanks and that’s only the ones Tom quickly gave me. Was unbelievable, my parents would have had a fit if the knew where we were camping. I will try to locate the photo of where the car and camper actually were.

  3. Peter Abrahams says:

    We are enjoying your blog.
    I can imagine where your camping was situated

  4. Jacqui Tomlins says:

    Hey Hindhaughs!

    Love the blog. Have been away for the weekend and came back to find it. Totally jealous of your trip I have to say. Looks like a blast and I love the running commentary of music and food. Was remembering back to when I was 19 and came to Australia for my gap year. Did the bus trip from Perth to Sydney and remember the detour to see the Great Australian Bight, and the long, long drive across the Nullarbor and stopping at roadhouses every five hours. Sadly, had no money and was starving the whole way!! Great fun! (and with apologies to Katrina for the exclamation marks!!!)

  5. Eda williamson says:

    Great to hear all is going so well, your costing me a fortune on iTunes as every time I see your play list I think great song/album/artist, better get that!!!!
    Love reading the posts and seeing the photos, I just hope Tom is faster taking them than Uncle Jamie or else you will need to double the time needed for the trip!!!
    Lots of love Eda

  6. John McCarthy says:

    Hello again , you really have been busy 3 posts in one day. The scenery shots are spectacular . Marg and i have not seen this part of Australia, and are really enjoying the virtual trip with you guys, looks like you are really enjoying yourselves.
    continue to travel safe
    John & Marg

  7. Kate W says:

    A white-knuckled sleep?!

  8. KateKloss says:

    Hi guys
    You have slipped straight into the swing of things – very impressive!! What are family adventures for if you can’t sleep in extraordinary places that will be talked about for years to come!!!! Pics are awesome. Love the choice of morning music. Love Kate xxxxx

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