Day 6 Bunda Cliffs to ‘Half Way along the Straightest Road in Australia’

Well, we didn’t blow away in the wind last night. Amazingly we all slept well and the boys said they were so snugly warm sleeping together. Everyone was up early enough to see the sunrise over the cliffs. Then a quick breakfast of Up and Gos and we were off on the road. Below are a few photos from last night – sunset, dinner and sleep. Unfortunately you can’t see the height of the whole cliff. They make the cars and vans look like matchbox cars.

Rex on Bunda cliffs small

More golf and more truck stops with big things. I may do a blog or photo montage about these if I accumulate enough of these.
We crossed over into Western Australia, quarantine check again but this time all we lost was half a cucumber. Not that I cared as this along with pineapple is one fruit I really can’t stand. Just across the border is Eucla, a non town as I have started calling them. Of interest there are the ruins of Eucla Telegraph Station built in 1877. It was an important station on the line from Perth to the east. It is gradually being covered (and uncovered I am told) by the drifting sand dunes.

Eucla small

We free camped again half way along the straightest road in Australia (146.6km) this time in a much more protected area.

first bush poo small

Sam had the dubious honour of being the first to do number twos without any loos. Do you like my poetry. Armed with the ‘shit shoveller’ or ‘shit digger’ as it has been named Tom was off to shoe the boys how it is done. Later the boys wanted a fire. Short lived as I was accosted by a ‘friendly’ but extremely annoying grey nomad who informed me that you couldn’t have a fire in WA till May, and that people should know this before they come into the state. Sorry all in Melbourne she is headed your way despite hating the weather and declaring Perth the best place on earth. She couldn’t believe it when I told her we weren’t going there. Despite thinking it I didn’t tell her that maybe she should do a U-turn and head back there. I’m sure Melbourne wouldn’t miss her.

Music by Born to Run, Thunder Rd – (again played really loud at the start of the day and again the kids wanted it turned down), more Roald Dahl and Ben’s iPod. We are going through his iPod in alphabetical order A to F today.

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4 Responses to Day 6 Bunda Cliffs to ‘Half Way along the Straightest Road in Australia’

  1. KateKloss says:

    Jasper says that’s awesome!

  2. Steve N says:

    I agree whole heartedly on cucumber being the worst veg ever

  3. John McCarthy says:

    Hello Hindhaugh’s
    We are really enjoying the blog. This is a part of Austalia that Marg and i have never seen before, the writing and the photos are fantastic. Continue to enjoy yourself and no more lighting fires. we don’t want to see mug shots in future blogs.
    continue to travel safe( no more injuries, we hope that it was not the same son who was sporting a bruise before you left Melb
    John & Marg

  4. Jan says:

    From the Northern part of the Sahara Desert … Morocco. I am loving reading your posts and photos! I don’t envy you sleeping in gale force winds in the middle of the Nullabor but so glad you are all having so much fun. We have just returned from a camel ride with our Berber guide into the sand dunes of the desert … Have been amazed to find that the desert is only 10% sand dunes and 80% rocky grey desolate flat sand and mountains. Walking in sand dunes tough in the sun but the lovely villages near by make up for it….. Mud brick homes very low and close to the sand.
    Miss you all … Love you all .. Hugs and kisses Mum/Jan/Grandma.

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