Day 7 ‘Half Way along the Straightest Road in Australia’ to Kalgoolie

After breakfast and pack up we were back out on the Eyre Highway. But not before a major injury scare. Ben had taken the ‘pet rock’ Patrick found the night before (In reality 1/2 a cement brick which he had tied to a short rope) and used it as a hammer throw. Since he has no skill in this area at all his direction of release could hardly have been worse and it catapulted into Sam’s thigh. At first thought both Tom and I thought serious damage had been done to Sam and that the parts of the road that were widened so they could be used by the Royal Flying Doctors may have got a work out that day. Fortunately Sam is tough but the bruise was enormous. (it’s 7 days later and you still can see it) unfortunately we forgot to take a photo.

More driving and more golf. It may sound like I didn’t enjoy this but I really did. As Tom was saying despite the distances being big the landscape was fantastic and varied in its own particular way.

Views of the Nullarbor small
A highlight of the day was a stop in at Fraser Range Station. It is a little oasis in the desert. It has been a sheep station since 1872. Some of the original buildings such as the homestead and the shearers quarters have been restored and you can stay there or just have a wander around, which we did… and of course a hole of golf. This one had grass on it. Novelty.

Fraser Range Station small
The end of the Eyre Highway, Norseman. We stopped here to get one of the trailer wheels looked at as the bearings were running hot, luckily this all got sorted. At the same time we had a quick look around Norseman, had lunch and a hole of golf.
All better and off to Kalgoorlie we went. We drove down ‘historic’ Burt st the main street of Boulder (the twin city to Kalgoorlie) and tried to find a shop to get some vegetables. It had a dodgier feel than the road houses across the Nullarbor and I thought we might not last here long. Fortunately we discovered that the reason it was relatively run down is that it was extensively damaged by an earthquake in 2010.
Music by Born to Run, Thunder Rd, (loud again same response from kids) Chris Wilson, Danny the Champion of the World, Bens iPod letter G to I.

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  1. Jeremy W says:

    Really enjoying reading your posts Emma. Great to hear the trip is going well. Cheers, JW.

  2. Kate W says:

    Impressed that ‘injuries’ is biggest topic in your tag cloud.

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