Day 10 Kalgoorlie to Leonora

Off to Kalgoorlie Golf Course for the last two holes to finish the Nullarbor Links. These were quite a change from the last 16 – green and manicured. This golf course is ranked 27th in public golf courses in Australia. At any other time I am sure Tom would have loved to play and considering the lush greenery I may have been tempted.

We then got our certificates of completion. Tom won the round with 115, Emma on 153 and Ben on 154. A quick visit to the The Little Boulder  Sweet Shop, the kids had been bugging us for days to go there. I foolishly mentioned it but hadn’t checked the opening times. It is Monday today and it was open – yay for everyone! Note the results of boys + sugar + long car rides in the third of these pictures. Note the results of boys + sugar + long car rides = the third of these pictures.the lolly shop small

Mid morning we embarked off on a couple of day tour of the ‘Goldern Quest Discovery Trail’ of the Northern Goldfields. These mostly consisted of a few of ghost towns and ruins of towns. Old towns = old stuff = Tom takes lost of photos.rusty cars small

A pleaseant highlight of the day was a stop at Niagara Dam. A dam that cost a lot of money to build in 1897 and didn’t end up supplying water to the towns as it was meant to because there was not enough rainfall to make it viable and they had found underground water supplies before it was finished. We all thought it was money well spent when we were enjoying out swim. Especially as it seemed the only thing that would get Ben out of his bad mood. Double yay – cool and happy.Ora Banda and swimming small

Stayed the night in Leonora. Delicious hamburgers for dinner.

Music today was mainly a talking CD about the northern gold mines.

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3 Responses to Day 10 Kalgoorlie to Leonora

  1. Kate W says:

    I think ‘Tom takes lots of photos’ should be a tag….

  2. KateKloss says:

    You all look so happy and relaxed – even when sugar hyped and grumpy!!!!
    Just to make you all feel even better – school starts today. Can you believe – NO SCHOOL KIDS!!!!
    Love Kate xx

  3. Paul Roast says:

    Whoops-should read the blogs in order. Now know the golf scores. Congratulations!

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