Day 13 Wave Rock to York, via Cunderdin

After packing up we went to the Hippos Yawn another near by rock formation. Patrick went into the hippos mouth to tickle his tonsils and ‘disappeared’ the other 2 boys went to find him and also disappeared. Having a Miranda moment (Picnic at Hanging Rock) I went in after them. They had climbed up the back, a fantastic little find but not the easiest thing to climb in thongs and a skirt.

hippo smallerOn the road again to Cunderdin. This is back on the main highway between Perth and Kalgoorlie and is the site if of pump station number 3 of the Golden Pipeline. The pump station an impressive brick building has been converted into a museum explaining how it worked, there is now an electric pump station next door that does the job.

There was an old school house as part of the museum so I took the opportunity for some schooling. (Not really)
Cunderdin smallThe other photos are of the inside of the chimney of the pumphouse.

All a bit hungry Tom bought Battered dim sims at a service station while filling up. Remarkably tasty but the after taste not so good, relieved by a mint.
Sam has coined a term ‘Car Fliers’. This is the feeling off weightlessness when you rise over a crest or bump. This can keep the boys amused for ages. Wait till we really hit some rough roads.

We headed onto York for the evening. York is a quaint town 97kms from Perth on the Avon River. It is the oldest inland town un WA first settled in 1931. It is loaded with heritage buildings but not much open for dinner mid week. I suspect that it is very busy on the weekend though.

Pizza for dinner, and it is raining. Not much but rain is a novelty.
Music Harry Balafonte Roberta Flack and U2.

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2 Responses to Day 13 Wave Rock to York, via Cunderdin

  1. Kate W says:

    No more Miranda moments thanks kids!

  2. Dana says:

    Hippo’s Yawn looks incredible Em! Loving all your posts – sounds like you guys are having a wonderful adventure. And I can’t believe how far you have gotten in it seems like a short time. Love to the family. Dana x

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