Day 15 Cervantes to Kalbarri, via The Pinnacles

Well the Pinnacles aren’t exactly on the way. In fact they are in the complete opposite direction being 20 kms south of Cervantes. Not much to explain about this really the pictures explain it all.

Pinnacles 1 small

The boys and I played hide and seek in amongst the Pinnacles. We have decide this is the best place on earth to play hide and seek. Sam was the best and more than once we had to ask him to call out to give us a clue. I was the worst as the kids just followed my footprints.

Pinnacles  hide and seek small

Meanwhile Tom took a lot of photos. (Katrina please note the tag – just for you)

Pinnacles 2 small

Most of the day was spent driving up the coast to Kalbarri. On the way we stopped at Geraldton. A drive through tour of the port as it was Saturday and the afternoon everything was closed. So no prawns or rock lobster for us. Sam, Tom and I a little disappointed, Ben and Patrick very happy. They hate the smell. We did stop at the memorial to the HMAS Sydney. In 1941 during a WWII battle with 645 it was sunk. The wreck was only found in 2008 off the coast just south of Carnarvon.

Finally onto our destination for the night, Kalbarri a town were the Murchison River meets the sea. Boys were happy because the caravan park had a jumping pillow. Tom and I happy because they spent a lot of time on it.

No music but talking books Roald Dahl – Danny the Champion of the World. The kids request.

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2 Responses to Day 15 Cervantes to Kalbarri, via The Pinnacles

  1. Kate W says:

    I think that tag will get a fair workout.

  2. John McCarthy says:

    day 13
    Hippo yawn , can atually see why it is called that
    day 14
    have heard a lot about new norcia , the photos were great
    day 15
    great photos and definetly no shortage of rocks on your trip
    really enjoying the commentry in your blog
    stay safe
    John & Marg

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