Day 16 Kalbarri – National Park

Up early to go out to Kalbarri National Park and our first gorge. The gorge is made by the Murchison River. It is a bit odd because as you drive out to it the land is very flat and it really looks like you are headed to nothing. It is not until you get relatively close that you see that the land has been eroded away by the river.
We went to Z bend and had a look at the lookout.16 Z bend small

Relatively impressive but the lack of water at the bottom was a little disappointing. We decided (by we I really mean Tom and I, the kids would have been happy to return to the car…and jumping pillow) to walk the 2.6 kms to the bottom of the gorge. This was really good and we all enjoyed it. Much more better going through the gorge than just looking down on it. There wasn’t a lot of water at the bottom but the boys still managed to get wet. Hiked out and then to the next lookout, ‘Nature’s Window’.16 Natures Window small
Patrick is learning his letters so on these walks, we think of words starting with the chosen letter and also draw the letter in the sand or dirt. A great distraction, and technically school holidays are over tomorrow. Today was bought to you by the letter S.
The day was heating up, at least mid 30s and they say it is hotter in the gorge, so we headed off to the beach. Tom has managed to download the Telstra AFL ap so after a spot of snorkelling Ben and I got to see the Hawks flog the Pies. Joy and happiness. All this while still sitting at the beach. Hard life. Only complaint is we missed Buddy’s monster goal.
Also good news to hear that Ben’s footy team won and that they have a couple of handy recruits. Well done! And thanks for the updates Katrina. For future notice texts please I am off twitter. Everything is killing my data usage.
That evening we went to a Kalbarri institution Finlay’s Fish BBQ. Very quiet, food pretty ordinary but the fire was nice.

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  1. Kate W says:

    Format for footy updates duly noted 😉 ….although I won’t be at their game this week – we have a three-way clash of Tackers, U10 and U11 games…

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