Day 17 Kalbarri

Went to the pelican feeding this morning, but alas no pelicans. Apparently they haven’t turned up for about a week. There is so much fish up the river so they don’t need the extra free fish. Off to the parrot sanctuary, this time a little more luck with seeing birds. Lots of parrots and macaws, galahs, cockatoos and various other feathered creatures. (no pelicans though)

17 Rainbow parrot small

In the arvo more snorkeling. All the boys are really good at it including Patrick who with his buoyancy vest on is as happy as anything using his snorkel and fins. Sam and Ben have even worked out the art of duck diving coming up and clearing their snorkels without surfacing.

Sunset on Kalbarri beach.17 Kalbarri beach sunset small
No music today but if you are interested lovely lamb backstraps for dinner with couscous and veges. Oh and more jumping pillow.

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