Day 18 Kalbarri to Monkey Mia, via Hamelin Pools

Up, packed up and off reasonably early. We stopped off at a few lookouts of Kalbarri Gorge. These were a little further up river from the Z bend and Natures Window. Still not a whole lot of water though.

17 Kalbarri ninja fly killers smallPatrick and Ben – fly killing ninjas.

After turning off the North West Coastal Hwy we entered the Shark Bay area. It is a world heritage area with both marine and national parks. We had a few stops before we actually reached Monkey Mia.

Hamelin Pools – There are colonies of Stromatolites here. They are micro organisms that started 3.5 billion years ago and are responsible for producing the first oxygen in our atmosphere and therefore enabling all other life forms to develop. These guys here are a bit younger a mere 3,000 years old but I still think we have a bit to thank them for. 18 Stromatolites small

Shell Beach – someone thought long and hard when naming this beach. Millions of small white Coquina Shells may have given them an idea.18 Shell beach 2 small

18 Shell beach fly small Did I mention the flies?

Eagle Bluff – a great view over some crystal blue water and some reefs. We saw a few small sharks in the water or at least they looked small from the cliffs. Yay for the Polaroid sunglasses. So easy to see with them and virtually impossible to see without.

Denham – this is the western most town in Australia, and very windy! I don’t think we need to drive for a few hours to go to the western most mainland point of Aus, this will have to do us.

Late afternoon we made it to Monkey Mia on the east and much more protected side of the finger of land sticking up. Forgot to book – oops fortunately they gave us the emergency site and we will move to a proper powered site tomorrow.

Another swim and another culinary delight for dinner. Beef Stroganoff, or a bastardized camping version. General thoughts though are that the food has been excellent and the worst two meals have been when we have eaten out. Props for the cook (me) and maybe in future we need to find flasher places to eat out.

Music today, the end of Danny Champion of the World, songs that start with ‘Sailing’ and Paddy Casey

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