Day 19 Monkey Mia

We woke up and off to the famed dolphin feeding of Monkey Mia. About 150 people and only 5 dolphins, 3 of which were being fed. A little under wheming especially as Tom and I have seen heaps of dolphins while sailing. Good coffee on the lawn next to the beach made up for it though. And then the next 2 feeds were much better. Less than 50 people each time and all 5 feeding dolphins as well as their calves turned up.19 20 Dolphins 2 small

The youngest 2 dolphins were born in November last year and are very playful practicing their jumping and playing chasey. Only 5 dolphins are fed, they are the older females and now a days they are only ever fed about a tenth of their daily fish needs. Also they choose whether to turn up at all In the past they were all fed a much as they wanted but they had problems with the dolphins not knowing how to hunt, not teaching their young and a higher mortality rate. Also none of the male dolphins get fed as they got too aggressive. It is all very controlled now but better for the dolphins.19 20 Feeding dolphins small
On the second feed of the day I was chosen, the boys came out to help me, particularly Ben. Patrick cried because he didn’t actually hold the fish to be fed. Third feed of the day Ben was chosen. He gave it to Sam and Patrick to do, and Tom helped them. Everyone happy!
Tom took lots of photos, and then Emma took lots of photos.
So we Rewarded with delicious milkshakes and more delicious coffees. We were going to go out on a sail this afternoon however the wind blew up a bit and the guys on the catarmeran said it would be better going tomorrow. So we did, instead we spent the afternoon swimming and having a go on a pedallo.

We did go out on the sunset cruise that evening as the wind had settled. Beautiful and again lots of photos taken.19 Sailing small
19 Sailing BW small19 sailing small (2)

I did tag it Tom took lots of photos and trust me there are more.

When we returned we were treated to the dolphins swimming in the shallows as we walked back to have a late dinner.19 Dolphins at sunset small

Quote of the day was by Tom when down loading the photos “and here we go with a million dolphin shots” Trust me there were heaps to choose from, not to mention the other million family on the boat photos.

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  1. Kate W says:

    Gorgeous pics of the boys on the boat.

  2. Lise says:

    Great shots! Missing you guys.

  3. KateKloss says:

    Precious photos and precious memories. you all look so happy and relaxed.

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