Day 20 Monkey Mia

I got up early to enjoy a spectacular sunrise over the water. Peace and quiet by myself. I think we are a little ahead of the bulk of the Grey Nomads, we were told they are a bit slower this year because of the cyclones that were off the north WA coast a few months ago. I hope it continues as it. The man at the dolphin feeding said at Easter one year they had 750 people at the feeding. That would have been ridiculous, I don’t think there are that many people staying here at the moment. The camping area is fairly full, a lot of them are here for the fishing though. The bungalows look fairly deserted.

19 20Dolphins 1 small

More dolphin feeds, missed the first one but at the subsequent feeds the boys, and then I were again chosen. As was everyone at those feeds as with about 20-25 fish being given out and only about 40 people everyone who wanted to had a go. At the next feed Ben was chosen again, this time he handballed it off to the little girl next to him. Her dad took too many photos too. It must be contagious.

20 MM Pelicans small
We went for our afternoon cruise today and glad we delayed it from yesterday. I think we managed to see all the marine life of Shark Bay. Tiger sharks, a massive manta ray – so beautiful gliding through the water, Loggerheard turtles, dugongs and of course more dolphins.

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3 Responses to Day 20 Monkey Mia

  1. Bek says:

    Gorgeous photos Emma – oh and happy birthday for yesterday ! Hip hip hooray ! Hope the boys treated you something special !!!! Tell Sam the Boroondara Eagles boys under 8 team has one win and one loss – goooooo eagles

  2. John McCarthy says:

    Greetings good to hear from the travelling Hindhaugh’s.Sinset on Kalbarri beach and Monkey Mia, and lets not forget the rocks all look spectacular. Good to see th bird life and dolphin’s
    stay safe
    John & Marg

  3. jacqui tomlins says:

    Hi Guys, have just read throught your last few posts. All looks completely fantastic. Scout says, ‘When are we going to go travelling around Australia?’ Will email you some questions for the KPS blog this week. Hope you are managing to stay ahead of those Grey Nomads!

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