Day 21 Monkey Mia to Carnarvon

We bid farewell to Monkey Mia and continued on the coast road north to Carnarvon and arrived just after lunch. Carnarvon is the biggest town on this part of the coast. It really isn’t a tourist destination. (My mother described it as a great place to do washing.) So, expecting nothing we weren’t disappointed. It exists to service the surrounding area and produces lots of fresh fruit and veges due to the abundance of water. The Gascoyne River which enters the sea here doesn’t flow a lot of the time, or at least not as we know it. However even if it appears dry there is water flowing just beneath the surface.21 Canarvon river
In Carnarvon we went out to the one mile jetty and walked almost to the end. The end was being fixed, it wasn’t because we were lazy. Tom did some fishing. He caught 2 little bream, this was only after he took Ben’s expert advice and changed where he was casting. Patrick and I saw an enormous manta ray probably about 4 m across. It was doing circle work just near the pier using its magnificent big wings to turn. They are black on the top and white underneath with a big white mouth area. Quite marvelous to see, sorry no photos of it.

21 Canarvon small
I then did a big shop. Carnarvon has a great supermarket.
Music of the day was Norah Jones, Powderfinger and Pink Floyd.

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