Day 22 Carnarvon to Coral Bay

Off to Coral Bay today, which is at the southern end of Ningaloo Reef. Along the way we took a side trip off to the blowholes at Quobba. Fortunately there was a good swell and they were pumping. These blow holes are different to most of the others I have seen in that they shoot up from smallish holes rather than big cave like structures. This makes the resulting jets of water thinner but higher.22 Quobba small

We continued further down this strip of land to Quobba Station and then various other cliffs and beaches before returning to the main road north and on to Coral Bay.22 Quobba cliff

Having learnt from our near miss at Monkey Mia I have booked ahead for here and up near Exmouth, so no problems with a campsite. Especially as we have just hit WA school holidays.
This is the first campground we have encountered where all the sites have grass. Quite a luxury. The owners are very proud of it and one of the guys is constantly moving his sprinklers around. It is all bore water so no restrictions, or fear of wasting it. Fresh water is another story. We really take it for granted at home.

Set up and another beach. Someone has turned the heating on at the beach. Out of the water is hot and in the water is warm. A short swim out and we were all snorkeling. The coral isn’t spectacular but there are a lot of colourful tropical fish. Yes we are officially in the tropics having passed over the Tropic of Capricorn today. As we are in the tropics I am conscious of the risk of malaria (none really) so I am currently having a G&T while lying out under the stars on one of the kids camp stretchers while typing this. Isn’t quinine supposed to help prevent malaria?
Oh did I mention the sound of the waves in the background?

Music today was bought to us by Queen which was bumped so that we could listen to the Hawks beat Freo. Coincidently we saw 3 hawks while driving as well we passed a couple of cars with Freo stickers on them. Tom also enjoyed watching the Bombers beat the Saints on his phone at the beach. Loving the Telstra AFL ap. And will continue to do so as long as we have coverage and our teams continue to win.

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