Day 23 Coral Bay

Tom decided he wanted a spot of fishing today. He had spoken to someone who had said there was good fishing just over the back of some sand dunes. So he was even happier that he could do a bit of 4WD driving on the way.

Tyres deflated we all set off happily and easily. This changed when we had to drop below a car inconveniently stopped on the beach and got ourselves bogged. A guy called Dale from Perth came to help us. He and his family had been bogged just before we drove on to the beach. We made a bit of way but then got even more bogged. A local Macca and his mate came to help and then luckily a whole group of burly blokes. Tracks dug, tyres deflated even more, and with everyone pushing we got out. Once out Tom, with the kids on board hammered it and got off the beach. But not before popping one of the tyres off the rim. Next phase of the rescue changing that tyre and reinflating the other tyres.

23 Bogged car small
All better and a drive on better tracks and NO MORE beach driving we found more sand dunes to walk up and run down. These had the added bonus of great views over the water and reef.

23 Coral Bay sand hills 2 small

23 Coral Bay sand hills down small
Returning to the main beach and snorkeling and swimming. Much more sedate. There we happened on the fish feeding. A heap of quite large Spangled Emperors turn up each day to be fed. Pretty wierd having them swim through your legs and they have pretty hard heads when they run into you.

Tom and Ben went off to Macca’s later that arvo to hose off the car which was seriously full if sand. Ben has developed a bit of man love for Macca.

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4 Responses to Day 23 Coral Bay

  1. Dana says:

    Exciting stuff Em! The photos look amazing – nothing compares to the colour of the ocean on your side.

  2. Kate W says:

    Wow – the water looks spectacular!

  3. Steve N says:

    Tom will be happy, as he has worried he might not get a chance to use his expensive recovery gear

  4. KateKloss says:

    love the coordinated red tshirts!!!

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