Day 24. Coral Bay

The boys and I had a day trip out to snorkel on the outer reef and swim with Manta Rays. Tom opted to stay home get the car sorted and have a bit of alone time.

24 Manta Rays small
We did see a Manta Ray but as someone described you needed to be Mark Spits to keep up with it. I had little chance towing Patrick. I believe Ben had a good view, or so he said. The snorkeling on the reef was excellent. Bigger fish and some good swim throughs. Also the boys can now add swimming with sharks to their lists of things done, as there were three Bronze Whalers. One of the sharks had a hook through it’s dorsal fin.

We had dinner that night with our new friends Dale, Nicole and their 3 boys Declan, Liam and Cody. The ones who helped to un bog us. They are up from Perth on school holidays.

24 Coral Bay glow sticks smallNo we are not in Nimbin or some rave. Glow sticks do make the kids easy to find in the dark.

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  1. Jan Hindhaugh says:

    Hi to you all … Love your posts Emma .. And all the photos …. Feel I am traveling with you!!! Miss you all heaps …. I am now in Lyon. Jan/ mum/ grandmaxxxxxx

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