Day 26 Exmouth/ Ningaloo Reef

We drove 10 minutes down the coast to the Cape Range National Park which runs along the northern end of the Ningaloo Reef, and spent the day at Turquoise Bay. This is a picture perfect bay. White sand, clear turquoise water and the reef is about 10-15 metres off the beach.

30 Turquoise Bay 3 small

There is fabulous drift snorkelling here the current pushes you along so all you have to do is float there and watch the sea life go by. Amongst all the array of fish we also saw a black tipped reef shark and a couple of different types of rays. One was desperately trying to bury itself – very good camouflage.

26 snorkelling 2 small

Tom and Ben went off for a fish in the late afternoon. On returning Tom discovered his phone was missing. He had put it on the bucket that Ben was in charge of. Personally I think that is a recipe for disaster. It almost was as the phone wasn’t there when they returned.
No one yelled or even growled and we went back to the beach to search. Tom rushed off to where they had been fishing. Using my tracking abilities (who knew I had them) I followed Ben’s footprints and the many bucket marks where he obviously had stopped. It was at each these I searched, and lo and behold on the third one there was the phone completely covered by sand.
A few days ago I was trying to explain to the kids how Trackers used prints to find or follow things. They couldn’t get the concept, now they do. Another win was the beautiful sunset we saw while on the beach.

Dinner at the Potshot Hotel. Delicious and very well behaved boys made for a lovely night. We were talking about our favourite places or things so far on the trip. It’s been a bit over 3 weeks but it seems like we have done SO much.

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