Day 28 Ningaloo Reef

It’s my birthday, and thank you all for the many birthday wishes I received.

Our new friends Dale, Nic and the boys came up from Coral Bay and we all went to Turquoise Bay. More drift snorkelling and laying on the beach. snorkelling 1 small

snorkelling 3 small

The best thing I saw today was a turtle which swam straight under me. I couldn’t resist so I touched it’s shell. It didn’t respond but when Sam and Patrick did the same and kept swimming after it one on each side, it did get a bit grumpy and I thought it was going to go one of them. I grabbed their legs to stop them and allowed the turtle to escape, with everyone unharmed. Their beaks do look pretty mean and I definitely wouldn’t have wanted to be biten.

Sunset drinks at the lighthouse. Dale is as mad on photography as Tom so they both took heaps of photos.
Dinner at the Potshot again to finish another day in paradise.

To finish the day there was a thunderstorm off to the east and we got an amazing lightning light show.

28 maybe lightening small



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