Day 30 Ningaloo Reef

Today was our last day at Ningaloo Reef. We drove to the southern end of Cape Range National Park to Yardie Creek gorge. We walked up the edge of the gorge for a bit. There was some water in the creek but not enough for the mouth to be open to the sea. I think most of the time it isn’t open due to lack of rainfall but after a Cyclone Vance in 1999 the creek mouth was open for 3 years.

30 Yardie Creek small

We stopped at a few beaches for swims on the way back.
Pilgammuna – a cute little tidal inlet. The tide was just turning do went from reasonable deep to ankle deep in about 15 minutes.
The Oyster stacks – which is supposed to have good snorkeling. There was a bit of a tidal swell here so although the fish were bigger it was harder to see and we were wary of the kids getting hurt in the rocks or oyster stacks.
Turquoise Bay – good old trusty this time we went to the bay swim side.

26 Turquoise Bay small

More sand less coral as the boys just wanted to muck around. Sam got stung by a jellyfish on his face. He was ok but did get some pins and needles in his legs so we all decided to call it quits. It was today that we met a guy who told us about all the stingers out on the whale shark swim and a few weeks ago the reef had been inundated with stingers including Irukandji Jellyfish which can be really dangerous (even fatal)

30 Turquoise Bay 2

Just another photo because I can’t help myself.

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2 Responses to Day 30 Ningaloo Reef

  1. Jeremy W says:

    Hi Emma and Tom. Sitting here at footy training, just caught up on two weeks’ worth of your posts. Sounds like you’ve really hit your stride and are having a memorable time. Awesome pics. Cheers, JW.

  2. KateKloss says:

    Just want to go back to that blue water and white sand………..

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