Day 31 Exmouth to Tom Price

Today we bid farewell to Ningaloo Reef. A truly spectacular part of the world and one that gave us the most amazing experience of swimming with the whale sharks.
Lucky I was really looking forward to getting into the heart of the Pilbara, our destination today Tom Price a brief stop before Karijini National Park.

The drive was over 570km pretty much straight inland. We were expecting a pretty bad day as we heard it was a long boring drive. Pleasantly surprised it was much quicker than the 8 1/2 hours we had been told and that included a stop to change a blown tyre.

Pilbara road small

We were quite surprised with the scenery as well. From the relatively flat scrubby plains we have travelled through near the coast the further inland we went from rolling hills to bigger mountains as we approached the Hamersley Ranges. The colours are beautiful: the ground a rocky red (one of these rocks responsible for the blown tyre), yellowy spinifex grass, white trunks of the Snappy Gums and various shades of dusty green of their leaves.

PilbaraThere is obviously a lot more rain here than the coast with a lot more trees.

Into the town if Tom Price for a shop – another great supermarket (funny how a good supermarket becomes a mini highlight) and to get a new tyre to replace the dead one
Tom Price is WA highest town, a whopping 747m above sea level. It is a mining town originally owned by Hamersley Iron it was sold to the local shire for the princely sum of $1. Now Rio Tinto own all the mines around the area.

Music today was Jeff Buckley, k d lang., Andy Griffiths and Beck.
Long drive = lots of iPod time.

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3 Responses to Day 31 Exmouth to Tom Price

  1. John McCarthy says:

    Day 25- 31
    The coral coast loooks very scenic and the ningaloo reef and swimming with the sharks a chance of a lifetime. Continue to enjoy yourselves
    stay safe
    John & Marg

  2. Kate W says:

    Love how some of your inland pics look like Namatjira paintings – quite the contrast after a few days of blue seas.

  3. Justine says:

    Hi guys
    Just finished reading the latest posts to Luke. Lots of ‘WOW!’
    He asked to mention that he misses Ben….looking forward to seeing more photo’s

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