Day 32. Tom Price to Karijini

In the morning we went on a tour of one of the Rio Tinto iron mines in the area. Not quite as big or impressive as the Super Pit in Kalgoorlie. Good none the less. The iron ore is mined here and then sent by privately owned railways to the port at Dampier and off to China. About $8 billion worth!!

31 Tom Price mine

After the mine tour we left Tom Price for Karinjini National Park. We set up camp at Dales Gorge campsite – real bush camping. Then a reasonably short walk to Fortesque Falls and then Fern Pool. Both had waterfalls going into swimming holes. We  all had a swim at Fortesque Falls and will save Fern Pool for another day.

31 Fortesque Falls pano small


31 Fortesque Falls small

As there were no other lights except from a few other campers and not a cloud in the sky the stars were magical. We were going to go on an astrological tour but it was run out of the Eco lodge and to far to drive at night. So just enjoyed them by ourselves.

On the drive we started the talking book Red Dog. Quite cool as it is set around the Pilbara.

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3 Responses to Day 32. Tom Price to Karijini

  1. Jacqui Tomlins says:

    Swimming looks awesome. None of those big scary creatures with sharp teeth?

  2. John McCarthy says:

    Hello from wintry melbourne. onlu supposed to be 12c in the easter suburbs today. Hard to believe you are at day 32. Again all looks amazing. continue to e joy the experience
    stay safe
    John & Marg

  3. Yo yo Corin says:

    Allo all looks fun swimming and I wish I was there.
    And Ben Harry wants you to come back.

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