Day 33. Karijini

Today we gorged out on gorges. Lots of walks down into the gorges, swims in the pools at the bottom and then hikes out.

Joffre Falls
First the lookout and then down into the gorge.

32 Joffre Falls 1 smallThe walk took us across the top of the falls then down to a pool where we followed a narrow opening into a massive circular canyon with a deep pool surrounded by vertical walls. An OMG moment walking into that, and not a soul to be seen.32 Joffre Falls small

Knox Gorge
Again, first the lookout and then the gorge walk.

32 Knox Gorge 1 Top smallThis walk was much more of a scramble down, and then up on the way out. Sometimes the track seemed more like a rock fall than a real track. At the bottom the side walls were massive and we walked a long the bottom through various pools as the gorge twisted and turned.

32 Knox Gorge 2 small

32 Knox Gorge 4 smallA picnic at the bottom and then the scramble out. Patrick was a super rock hopper: a seriously fast scrambler. Again we saw hardly anyone on this walk.

Hancock Gorge
As this walk is right near the Eco retreat it was busier than the other two walks. Down into the gorge, for this walk/ swim bathers and trekking sandals were the order of the day. To reach out destination of Kermits Pool we had to wade and then swim through various pools in the gorge. Along the way we passed through the Amphitheatre and then the Spider Walk. Getting there was more than half the fun.32 Hancock small

32 Spiders walk small

Oxer Lookout
Last stop of the day a very easy stroll to a lookout where 4 gorges meet 130 metres below.

Each walk took 2-3hours including swims so as you can imagine we all returned home rather tired. Tom and I thought the boys were amazing!!! Most of the walks were level 4 and parts of the Hancock Gorge one were level 5. To put this in context for level 6 you need absailing equipment.

Finished Red Dog and then some music Paul Kelly.

Kate you are right the sandals are daggy but incredibly useful. So much better than people walking in crocs or wet runners. We love them.

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4 Responses to Day 33. Karijini

  1. Bek says:

    Gorgeous !

  2. John McCarthy says:

    Absolutely amazing, Tom you are taking some great photos. Hindhaugh’s sun and bathers versus Melbourne rain, overcoats and scarves. I think you win
    stay safe
    John & Marg

  3. KateKloss says:

    Cant believe you did all the gorges in one day!!!! Patrick – you are an absolute legend. We were limited by Maddy in a back pack on Steve’s back weighing just under 20 kgs! Thanks for showing us what the bottom of all those gorgeous gorges and waterholes looked like!!!

  4. Emma says:

    All the boys have been fantastic on the walks. He was especially tired after that day but then again so were Tom’s and my legs.
    The walks to the bottom are fantastic, much better than the lookouts. I am afraid you will have to go back. Damn that! Not.

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