Day 34. Karijini

More gorging, but a bit easier today, and a late start as we had a lazy morning. Slightly weary legs from yesterday.
Starting from our campsite we walked along the Dales Gorge Rim trail, a bit of a different perspective looking down into the gorge rather than all the other walks along the gorge floor which look up.

33 Dales Lookout 2

33 Dales Top and bottom smallAt the other end of the gorge there was a  lookout over Circular Pool and then the steep walk down into the gorge. At the bottom of the gorge the walk to Circular Pool was truly beautiful. Fern lined crystal clear water flowing over mini rock waterfalls and the sun glistening on the water. I thought it looked like something landscape gardeners would spend mega hours and mega bucks creating for the Chelsea flower and garden show. The photos don’t do it justice.

33 to Circular Pool small

At the end it opened to the bigger crystal clear Circular Pool again fern lined and of course a waterfall and massive rock walls to cap it all off. We all enjoyed the swim and jumping into the pool off the waterfall. This pool is much deeper – we checked. Click on the following to see. Sorry about the dodgy link , I haven’t worked this out yet.

Circular Pool Jump

After lunch we walked back to the other end of the gorge along the gorge floor. A mid way stop at more mini waterfalls, a bask on the hot rocks for Ben and I, Sam and Patrick tried to dam the mini waterfalls (without success) and Tom took more photos.

33 Dales Gorge Fall small

Because of the high level of iron in the rocks they retain their heat or coolness. The rocks are also incredibly beautiful and geologically interesting with layers deposited over millions of years. The colours are really variable as well as the texture. The blue rock layers were my favourite. The angle of these lines  also vary significantly depending on which way they were squished when the tectonic plates moved.

At the end of the gorge walk we bypassed the Fortescue Falls pool and continued onto Fern Pool for our swim. At this one we were able to climb up to behind the waterfall or swim under and have it fall on our heads.

33 Fern Pool 2 small

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