Day 35. Karijini to Millstream

A bit of excitement this morning when our breakfast was interrupted by the yells of ‘Snake!’ from a fellow camper. After a bit we went over to see and were treated to seeing the said snake swallowing his breakfast – a lizard.
Packed up out camp and sadly left Karijini National Park.34 Pilbara Rd small

A bit of a hell drive this morning. On an unsealed road we blew another tyre, despite having deflated them a bit and driving slowly. These roads are notorious for eating tyres – the rocks have a high % of iron in them are very hard and often sharp. After changing it we set out again only to be overtaken by an idiot in a mining car flying by and close to us. These roads are bigger enough for mining equipment to pass each other, so are seriously wide. Anyway he flicked up a rock which shattered the rear car window, giving Sam the fright of his life and causing a few naughty words to leave Tom’s mouth.

We continues on to Hamersley Gorge the last of the Karijini gorges. A very short walk took us down to the pool for a swim, and Tom took lots more photos.

34 Hamersley Gorge 1 small

34 Hamersley Gorge 3  smallHamersley although it is not as deep as the other gorges is pretty cool because of the angle of the rocks. You can really see how it was shaped by the movement of tectonic plates. As the boys said you had to walk up to get down or down to get up.

34 Hamersley Gorge 2 small
Continuing north on unsealed roads all a bit stressed and anxious we arrived at Millstream Chichester National Park.

Music little bit of Bruce, Coldplay, Anything but the Girl, the Commitments soundtrack, mum reading ‘To Ride a Fine Horse’ – a shortened version of the Mary Durack book about her grandfather Patsy Durack who was one of the first men to settle in the Kimberley, and Weddings Parties Anything

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  1. Mark Round says:

    Hi guys

    We have been following your posts and it sounds like an awesome trip. Tombo I hope you gave the mining car driver a good piece of Essendon supporter spray!!! Maybe you could have thrown the snake at him!!

    Keep well


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