Day 38. Port Headland to 80 Mile Beach

We went into the town centre of Port Headland this morning. To find not much happening. At Marapikurrinya Park, the kids had a play and then we watched an empty ship come into port. It was sitting very high in the water; they are much much lower when they leave loaded with iron ore. After that, we went to the Seafarers House, to use their internet. This place was interesting, as it exists to service the crew of the cargo ships that are constantly coming in to the port. The walls were adorned with all sorts of memorabilia from ships from around the world. We then had lunch at Zephyrs very cool cafe in a 1930s American Silver Star railcar. It used to do the Port Headland to Newman run (I think) and now the dining car has been turned into a cafe. Not only was the setting fab but so was the food.
38 1 Silver Star small

With tummies full, we left Port Headland and continued up the coast to Eighty Mile Beach Caravan Park. This was a massive caravan park for somewhere really in the middle of nothing, except the beach. Fortunately, once again it is relatively empty. The beach is beautiful, white sand and shells that goes on for miles. We swam but only in the shallows because we had been told by a fellow travel they had caught a small shark the previous morning and when they threw it back in saw it taken by something bigger. In addition, the owners are hesitant to tell you it is safe to swim, although they do swim in the shallows.

We enjoyed a beautiful sunset over the beach, and the kids played in the sand and sea.
38 Eighty mile beach a small

38 Eighty mile beach b small
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  1. Dana says:

    Gorgeous photos Em! Very jealous as it is wet & cold in Melbourne. X

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