Day 39. 80 Mile Beach

We decided that this was such a chilled out place and we would spend another day here.

39 Eighty mile beach small

In the morning Tom went down to the beach to try his hand at fishing, along with a lot of the other campers. The boys went too but I am pretty sure they spent the morning building elaborate cities in the sand not fishing. Tom had no luck, the boys had a ball. Tom has just told me the boys spent half of their time building cities and the rest of the time scaring away the fish in the water.

39 1 fishing small
On returning from fishing, Patrick was discussing the lack of their success with our camping neighbour Peter. Peter was a fair bit more successful that morning and after his wife had cleaned and filleted his catch, we were supplied with more than enough fish to feed our family. We had it for dinner and it was delicious.

It was a very hot day so Tom and I thought a siesta in the shade was in order. The boys were a little less compliant especially with being quiet.

Back to the beach in the afternoon for much of the same; swimming, sand city creating, sunset and Tom taking photos.
39 Boys running small

39 Eighty mile beach sunset small


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3 Responses to Day 39. 80 Mile Beach

  1. Rebekah says:

    hi sam i am jealous of everything, so much swimming, i saw the hawks beat the gold caost yesterday and i saw some thing funny on the way to the gould league – it was an ad for sexy land !!! from ole
    (sorry about that last bit but apparently its an in joke between Sam and Ole – cheers, Bek)

  2. Roanne says:

    Hi guys!
    The whole trip looks amazing and totally inspirational.

    Patrick misses Patrick.

    Also thought you’d like to know that he is hooked on AFL and goes for Hawks! Went to our first game yesterday. Even Cassie thought it was awesome!

    Safe trip. Loving the blog

  3. John McCarthy says:

    what can i say , i glad you were able to chill out by the beach and enjoy the the siesta in the arvo, i have just been for my early morning walk and yes i was able to chill out too , “LITERALLY”. Keep on enjoying yourselves and the lovely weather as Melbournes weather awaites your return. First week of LSL for myself and have moved into relax mode very quickly
    stay safe
    John & Marg

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