Day 40. 80 Mile Beach to Broome

Good bye Eighty Mile Beach, hello Broome!

We drove a few hundred kilometres to Broome and settled into the Cable Beach Caravan Park. The kids are extremely happy as there is a really good pool and we are right next to it.
A cruise liner is in Broome for the day so there is a night market on tonight in Dampier st in the old part of Broome. The street is now full of pearl jewellery shops, and galleries. However first stop was for a beer at the Roey (the Roebuck Hotel) because Tom said we had to. I thought a patient told him he had to but I have just found out that no one did he just wanted to go there.

40 RoeyThat done we had a wander through the stalls and bought some stock hats. Then off for dinner at a fabulous little Japanese place called Azuki.

Music on the drive ACDC, Damien Rice, Australian Acoustic Classics, and Simon and Garfunkle

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2 Responses to Day 40. 80 Mile Beach to Broome

  1. Kate W says:

    That IS a fabulous Japanese restaurant!

  2. John McCarthy says:

    Good to see you from behind the camera Tom ,nothing like going to a place simply because you want too, Looking forward to sharing a drink with you when you return
    stay safe
    John & Marg

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