Day 41. Broome

Back into the old town of Broome this morning and to the Pearl Luggers tour. A fantastic informative talk on the history of pearling in Broome and the history of Broome itself. Sam and Ben were volunteers and were dressed up in some of the divers clothes. Not the actual outer diving suit as this apparently is quite a mission to put on.

41 1 Pearl Luggers small
That is $120,000 worth of pearls I am wearing and holding! 

The history is fascinating and some what disturbing especially the earlier part involving the aborigines. Many of whom were effectively kidnapped and forced to dive for the pearl shells. At the start it was the shells and the mother of pearl that was being collected. Getting a pearl was a rarity and an added bonus. A few of the things the mother if pearl was used for were buttons, cutlery handles and decorative inlay.
It wasn’t until they learned about culturing pearls in the late 1950s that the actual pearl was the target of the farming.

After lunch and the obligatory mango smoothie we went to Riddell Beach.

41 Riddell Beach pano smallWhite sandy beach, red cliffs and blue water.

41 Riddell Beach Crabs smallNeedless to say a few photos were taken including some painstaking ones of our foot and hand prints. What do they say about working with children, and animals. Agghh!

41 Hand Foot Prints small

and a sunset!41 Riddell Beach small



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