Day 42. Broome

A morning of jobs by me – food shopping, ordering meat to be taken in the Gibb River Rd and getting the tyre repaired. Meanwhile the boys stayed and played in the pool.

In the afternoon the boys and I went to chill out in Cable Beach while Tom had some free time. Ben and I thought we would bit or comfort and hired the chairs and umbrella. It was really hot too.

When Tom returned we headed down the beach for the compulsory Cable Beach camels at sunset tour. A bit daggy but lots of fun, especially as Patrick and Sam went together on one called Jemma, the only female camel in this group. 42 Camel up small

42 Camel names small

42 Camels small

The boys did not stop laughing and chatting the whole time. I think one of the guys working on the tour was exhausted by the end having asked if they had any questions and oh boy yes they did. I think they are now experts on camels. Tom and Ben were on Abbasim and I had some peace by myself on Aqaba. A cracking pink sunset.

42 Camels 1 small

42 Camels 2 small

42 Camels at end small


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3 Responses to Day 42. Broome

  1. John McCarthy says:

    Hello again
    Broome looks truely amazing, often wondered what it would be like to ride a camel, the beaches look magnificent, your blog is a great travelogue of this great country of ours
    stay safe
    John & Marg

  2. Margot says:

    Hi guys

    loving your blog, the tranquility, exercise, simplicity, great food, forging great memories for your family and you’re all looking so relaxed and full of enjoyment.

    love to you all

    Margot x0x

  3. klossy says:

    Loving it guys

    the memories are so vivid for me.

    Smile lots

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