Day 46.Cape Leveque – Bundi’s Spear Making Tour

This morning we were all off to meet Bundi for his legendary spear making tour. Everyone we know who has done the big trip said we must. Bundi is an Aboriginal elder and his land includes where Kooljiman is. The day started out with Bundi teaching us to find pipis in the mangroves and then fresh water by looking at the birds. First, you look at where the birds are flying and then follow their footprints to the fresh water.

46 Bundi 1 small

Spear Making

Step 1. Get a long stick, heat it over a small fire and straighten it. A wonky spear is no good.

Step 2. Strip the bark off it. A slippery or splintery spear is no good

Step 3. Cut a grove for the metal spear tip to go in.

46 Spear 1 small

Step 4. Secure the spear tip with fishing line. This is done by tightly wrapping it. A wonky spearhead is no good.

Step 5. Spear is ready. Go hunting.

46 Spear 2 small

Unfortunately, we could not find anything to spear so we had to settle for pipis on the fire for morning tea. However, beware we are now the proud owners of three spears that are travelling with us.

46 Bundi cooking

Bundi also told us a few stories of his people and showed us fossilised footprints that are thousands of years old. They are thought to be of a mother standing and then children’s prints running towards her. The children’s footprints are very obvious and very cool.

After the tour, we bolted back to camp as dark clouds were brewing. We arrived back just in time to get the chairs and tables packed up and get all the windows of the trailer closed before the heavens opened and turned the place into a lake. Fortunately, it did not last long and things dried out quickly. Unfortunately, the downpour returned in the evening and overnight. We all had a pretty dreadful night’s sleep because we had not secured the window flaps down properly and Ben woke half way through completely soaked. A bit of rearranging including Patrick hoping in with Tom and I, and we all got a bit more sleep

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