Day 47. Cape Leveque to Broome

Packed up this morning with everything pretty damp. But that was the easy bit. The drive back was interesting to say the least. There were no more corrugations on the unsealed part of the road. Instead, they were replaced with mud, puddles and a stream.

47 C Lev to Broome small

As you can see in the photo the sides of the road are like banks and the road just turns into a river when it rains. The good thing about this is we did not fear slipping off the road. Most of the drive was fun and not to scary except the occasional time when we could see the camper trailer out the side windows.

We returned to Broome safely if not a bit damp and muddy. (The running boards on the car had about an inch of red mud on them) It was raining in Broome so we decided that the only sensible thing was to get an apartment for the next 2 nights and get everything washed and dries before we headed off to do the Gibb River Road. We had a very productive afternoon – a million loads of washing done and through the dryer, the car window was repaired and the boys had their fix of television.

Music for the drive was the Beach Boys

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  1. John McCarthy says:

    Good Morning from Melbourne, the road looks like a lot of melb roads ( maybe a lot less asphalt and tar) after our mammoth downpour on the week end. Be assured, us who were out in it returned home a tad damp too
    stay safe
    John & Marg

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