Day 52. Fitzroy Crossing to Windjana Gorge

It rained last night and bits of the campground were under water, well maybe just really large puddles. The funniest was a massive 5th wheeler van which was completely surrounded. I don’t know if they had to pay more for waterfront views.

We went down to the old Fitzroy Crossing unfortunately couldn’t get there because of the flooding due to the rain last night. This river has a massive catchment so any rain can change the water levels significantly. We did see the historic Crossing Inn though, which started in 1897 and is still going. It was a bit early for a drink there, so we moved onto Geikie Gorge National Park just north of town. The gorge is a 30 metre deep passage that had been carved out by the Fitzroy River.

52 Geike pano52 Geike pano2

It is pretty unusual because the Napier Ranges (which also include Tunnel Creek and Windjana Gorge) used to be part of a barrier reef that existed a mere 350 million years ago in the Devonian geological period.  Because it was originally part of the sea the rocks are limestone and there are weird water animals such as sawfish and stingrays that once were salt water animals but have had to adapt to their freshwater habitat of Geikie Gorge. Lucky they had a few million years to do adjust.

We took a boat trip up the gorge, unfortunately because of the rain around at the moment there wasn’t much wildlife to see but the rock formations were amazing. They aren’t afraid of getting wet. I thought the rocks often looked like fairy castles or something you would see in Disneyland.

52 Geike small

We backtracked along the road we went on yesterday to Windjana Gorge. Surprisingly the road was much the same as yesterday we thought it may have coped the rain as well.
Set up camp and then walked the gorge. It is 3.5km long, I think we made it to the 3k mark before returning to camp. The gorge is relatively wide with lots of pebble or sand beaches, an lots of freshwater crocs in the water.

52 Winjana smallNotice the croc in the water. There were probably hundreds. All freshies, but too many to swim.

52 Winjana panoCan you spot Ben, Sam and I running? We were sick of walking.

Back to camp, dinner and then shared a campfire with a couple of guys one of whom knows the head honcho of Back In Motion – ah a small world.

Music – Crowded House, Cruel Sea, Vince Jones and Grace Knight

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2 Responses to Day 52. Fitzroy Crossing to Windjana Gorge

  1. t says:

    yes… is very close to treeline

    no crocodile tears yet?

    no dancing to crocodile rock?

    what a lot of croc!!!

    best rgds T…

    sigh…on the road again…

  2. John McCarthy says:

    hello well you have some rain, well guess what so have we, the only difference is it is probably 20 degrees cooler here, we are not in shorts and we are definetly not encountering any type of crocs. Marg and i are following your example and walking along beaches, yesterday Geelong foreshore and the on to Oceon Grove and Barwon Heads , than a drive back to our heated home.

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