Day 54. Barnett River Gorge to Mt Elizabeth Station

Thankfully no rain overnight and everything looked a lot better in the daylight. The kids all slept well, the four adults not so well but at least we weren’t visited by the painter of the sign, Mick Taylor or any other psychos.
A short walk took us to the gorge where the kids went for a swim and used the mini waterfalls as a water slide. The yells of ‘Ouch!’ and the thuds as they dropped down didn’t stop them. They all had fun and very red bums.

54 Barnet river Gorge small

The drive back onto the Gibb was fine, there was no need for the sleepless night worrying about not getting out. A short way up the Gibb, an hours drive, we turned off to Mt Elizabeth Station, and our camp for the night.

54 Gibb Rd pano

Mt Elizabeth is a REAL working station. Frank and Pat Lacey have held the lease and run it since 1945. Auntie Pat was quite a character and when we were discussing the weather and prospect of more rain she was the only one who said definitively. “it’ll be sunshine by Friday (it’s currently Wed) and nothin’ but blue skies. All this stuff ‘ill be over the Territory” We loved Auntie Pat and when decisions were being made in the next few days she was often quoted. Mind you she was right. We set up camp under some fabulous mango trees. (I think) These were awesome for climbing so whenever we were at the campground the kids could be up these building cubbies.

We packed a lunch and then drove a 10 km very rough full on 4WD  track, which took about an hour, to Wunnamurra Gorge. A 1 kilometre walk to this ‘private’ gorge revealed the obligatory beautiful waterfall into a massive waterhole we could swim in. The climb down required a ladder. The adults and bigger kids could get up and down without it but it may have been quite trickier for the younger ones.

54 Wunnamurra top smallView from the top of the waterfall.

54 Wunnamurra bottom smallView from the bottom.

54 Wunnamurra panoand the panorama.

After a swim and lunch we walked a few hundred metres along the bottom of the gorge to some rock art. These Wandjina paintings are thousands of years old and I have just found out that this period of Wandjina painting were done on surfaces in monumental outcrops, or dramatic shelters. They got a good place here.

54 Wanjina 1 small

54 Wanjina 2 small

With dark clouds looming on the horizon we returned to the campsite, had dinner and then I bailed and slept in a room taking Patrick and Sam with me. After a few nights of crappy sleep worring about the rain and the road conditions, I really needed a good nights sleep. I had a great nights sleep, it didn’t rain and hasn’t since. Thanks Auntie Pat.

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  1. Kate says:

    I’m expecting a list of ‘Top 5 Swimming Holes’ soon…

  2. John McCarthy says:

    Good morning from rain drenched melbourne, apparently we have another week of showers. pleased to see the rain has ceased in your neck of the woods. Auntie pat seems a real character and would probably be a real asset to any weather forecaster.
    tom the photos never cease to impress and great to see some aboriginal art.

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