Day 59. Home Valley Station

This morning we drove a short way to Bindoola Falls and Gorge, which is on Home Valley Station. It was then a very short but steep, scrambly walk to the bottom of the gorge. There was no water flowing but the gorge pool was lovely to swim in and we saw some crocodile bones on one of the rock shelves.

59 binoola 2 small

59 binoola 1 small

We returned to the station campground, for swims in the pool, the scones Leah promised and so that some crazies could drive on a bulldozer.

59 bulldozer smallLucky it couldn’t move.

Later we went down to watch the sunset at the Pentecost River. The view across the river to the Cockburn ranges was beautiful. Tom jealously watched this guy barra fishing. I nervously watched the saltwater croc off to his left. He was aware of it and was keeping an eye on it. We are now really entering places the salt, sorry esturine, crocs may inhabit. I will incorrectly be referring to them as salties. Sorry any biologists who may be reading, but get over it.

59 sunset small

Across the river on the Cockburn Ranges we could see massive bushfires on a couple of fronts. When we returned to the campsite there were a number of park rangers staying at the homestead who are watching the fire. It is big, out of control and in country that can’t be fought, so they are just monitoring it.

59 night small

That evening we had our own fire. Ours was small, controllable and out before we went to bed. We also had another movie night – this time Red Dog. The book was way better than the movie, even the kids thought so.

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2 Responses to Day 59. Home Valley Station

  1. Kate says:

    Glad you liked the book of Red Dog 🙂

  2. John McCarthy says:

    Glad to see a clean Jayco and toyota ( it actually looks cleaner than my toyota, i will get around to cleaning it before i return to work). Your journey so far has been amazing and the landscape constantly changing. Also love the out door lounge room.
    stay safe
    John & Marg

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