Day 60. Home Valley Station to El Questro

Tom went out on a fishing tour this morning; it was just him and the guide. Unfortunately, his luck with fishing on this trip is continuing and he caught nothing. He cannot blame the boys this time. They were annoying me in the pool, rather than him and the fish. The first place they went to was on the Pentecost River, but after wading through the muddy shallows and casting they had to retreat quite quickly because they spied a 3 metre saltie croc on the opposite bank. They then went to a freshwater river, caught some live bait to use that as a lure. Tom got a barra bite but regrettably, it got away.

60 fishing 1

60 fishing 2

We had lunch at the restaurant and then packed up to move to El Questro Station, a massive 31km down the Gibb, and then 16kms to the campsite. We said goodbye to the Foxes – for the first time, they were staying another night at Home Valley and then going up to Wydham.

A short way into the drive we crossed the Pentecost River; this is a stony river crossing and was not a problem as it was not deep. This and the Durack are the river crossings that close the Gibb River Road. Also this is saltwater and full of saltwater crocs, neither Tom and I would have been keen to be the one to walk the crossing to test the depth. If the water was high this crossing would definitely have been one to stop, wait and watch if anyone else crossed safely. Luckily no need.

60 pentecost

Although the drive was short, the scenery was spectacular and we stopped for many photos or drove slowly so I could take photos out the window. It was hard because every turn in the road took us to a better photo spot.

60 cockburn 2

60 cockburnPlease note the side mirror, just to prove I do take some of the photos.

We took the El Questro turn off drove to the station township where most of the camping is. You can camp in smaller ‘private’ campsites but cannot swim there because of the crocs. We opted for the bigger busier one at the township where there are only freshwater crocs in the water. It was a bit of a shock to the system as there are more people camped here than all the other campsites that we have been in so far on the Gibb put together.

This place is fully set up, a bar, a restaurant, tours, heli rides, cabins… and then the mega flash homestead 10 kms away, which hangs over the Chamberlain Gorge and has a maximum of 18 guests, none under 12 years old. One of the guide books describes El Questro as a privately owned national park, albeit a better funded national park, not a bad description and there are lots of great gorges, 4WD tracks to look outs and walks at easy access, as well the Gibb River Road is sealed to their turn of so really can be accessed by 2WD.

Music was 80s genre on the iPod, boy there are some classics, and amazing you remember so many of the words.


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2 Responses to Day 60. Home Valley Station to El Questro

  1. Dad says:

    Dear Emma and family
    We are loving your blog
    We are following your trip on olga’s diary and our photos (not as good as yours)
    Mum & Dad

  2. John McCarthy says:

    Hello from frosty melbourne, just returned from my morning walk , remembered the car washing photo in the river,”how lucky are you”. emma great photography, so different from the coastal shots. Bad luck about the fishing Tom, but really the one that got away. yesterday marg and i went into melboune town, went to the film costume exibition at Fed square. Being the astute observor asked where the missing spiderman, batman, catwomen, and superman exibits were. The security person with a smile on her face told me to turn around again and look where i thought they should be , i turned looked up and there they were. A walk down the southgate and casino river precinct followed.
    continue to travel safely

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