Day 61. El Questro

We had planned to be up early to get to Zebedee Springs before it got busy. Oops, we slept in, this proved to be a blessing as we arrived at the springs just as a tour group was leaving, had our soak and then decided to leave just before another one arrived. Perfect timing!

Zebedee Springs are natural thermal spring that feed picturesque pools set amongst boulders and ferns at the bottom of orange cliffs. The closer to the top pool, where I think the spring comes out the warmer it was. Very nice for a morning relax, but too warm in this climate for us to stay in for too long. The springs are closed in the afternoon, to the general public at least. If you are paying thousands a night at the homestead I am sure you do not want to share it with tour groups or campers.

61a Zebedee 4 small

61a Zebedee 3 small

The next stop of the day was El Questro Gorge this was a much more challenging hike than the stroll required at Zebedee. The gorge is deep and narrow. I think the photos show you how beautiful this gorge is, much better than my descriptions.

61b El Q gorge 1 small

About mid way, a huge boulder, sitting in a deep pool, blocks the gorge. To get passed required us wading through the pool – it was up to my waist and then hoisting ourselves over the boulder. This was done by wedging ourselves in the crack – legs on one side and bum on the other (please see the photo below). The kids were boosted up by Tom at the bottom and hoisted by their arms by me at the top, and vice versa on the way down. We continued on a bit further stopping for a lunch break on a rock island. Ben and I went on a bit but the walk got progressively harder, bigger rocks and steeper. I found it hard and there was no way we would push the kids to keep going even though they are marvellous hikers and climbers. Lucky we did not go further they were shattered by the end.

61b El Q gorge 2 small

61b El Q gorge 3 small

In the afternoon, we went to a couple of lookouts, Pigeon Hole and Saddleback Ridge. Both of these are accessed by 4wd tracks, parts of which were very rocky and fairly steep. Both had fabulous views.

61c animals small

61c view 1 small

61c view 2 small

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