Day 62. El Questro

Today we hired a couple of boats and went on the Chamberlain Gorge. As there were five of us and the boats only take four each, luckily they gave us a good deal. The boats have electric motors so are relatively silent. The gorge is huge and stunning, and full of saltwater crocodiles so no swimming.

62 Chamberlain pano 1 small

62 Chamberlain pano 2 small

62 Chamberlain pano 3 small

There were spitting fish in here. They are hysterical, when you look at them and if you do not feed them, they spit at you. They are very accurate and have a bit of power in the spit. The only others in the gorge was a morning tour group in a bigger boat,  were much faster than us so made it to the end and then were gone just after we got there. We are having incredible luck usually not having to share gorges with anyone, I hope it continues. At the end, Tom tried some barra fishing – nothing, Ben and I walked a very short way to see some rock art, and Sam and Patrick got spat at by the fish.

62 Chamberlain end small

On the way back, Ben, Patrick and my boat started going slower and slower. I guess our battery was not fully charged. The other boat had to tow us back as there was no way we would have been able to make it on our own, or by paddling. We made it safely back at the dock and returned to the station township to inform them of our near disaster. A refund ensued, which we would spend that night at the bar.

62 Chamberlain small

We originally planned to go on another 4WD in the afternoon this time to Explosion Gorge, but everyone opted for swimming in the river instead, this part of the Pentecost over has freshwater crocs. Ben saw a freshie eat a fish so that was exciting for him. In the river, there were a couple of rope swings, which after we checked the depth kept the boys busy for hours.

After dinner, Tom and I put the boys to bed and then went to the outdoor bar to listen to a guy playing guitar, having left the non existent babysitter with the boys at the tent (all of 100 metres away).


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