Day 63. El Questro to Bungle Bungles

We packed up early to leave El Questro.  We stopped at Emma Gorge, this is still part of El Questro but is north of the Gibb River Road, and we did the hour walk to the end of the gorge. Along the way, we saw a snake on the track. We just took a wide berth and continued, another two couples who were just ahead of us turned back. Crazy! They were 5 minutes from the end. Great for us and we had it to ourselves.

63 Emma Gorge 1 small

63 Emma Gorge 2 small

Here I am swimming alone in my gorge. The waterfall is like rain drops across the back and side wall. It is a bit hard to see on the photos but is at the back and the where the green is. The water is mostly cold but there is a small area to the right of the pool that is warm due to a hot spring outlet. After a bit of solitude others started to arrive and share my gorge.

63 Emma gorge pano small

We decided to return to the car as we had a long drive ahead of us. The walk back was bought to us by the letter D. 23km on sealed road and we have finished the Gibb River Road. It was full of great adventures and minimal damage – we lost the Anderson plug somewhere on the Kalumburu rd. This is responsible for charging the tvan batteries when we drive. Luckily, we could fashion something together to replace it – bits of metal, electrical tape and cable ties. We will have to fix it properly when we get to Kununurra.

63 end of gibb small

The next 213km were on the Great Northern Hwy, nothing much to report here except another point of mobile contact so we pulled over and downloaded 2½ weeks of emails and messages, and a truck stop to get fuel and some basic provisions – frozen bread, UHT and fresh carrots. All of this is very exciting shopping especially the carrots, as we have not bought fresh food since Broome, and it has been a week since the bread and milk.

We turned off to the 55km drive into Purnululu National Park, where the Bungle Bungle Range is. This is a long bumpy track, uneven and rocky with lots of hills and twists and small river crossings. My father described this as the worst road that he has driven on, Tom said thank goodness we were in an automatic. This track is strictly 4WD and off-road camper trailers only. There is a car park full off caravans and other trailers near the highway turn off, that people leave and then drive in for the day or stay at the wilderness camp. Yay for the tvan!

We checked in at the visitors centre, then went, and set up camp in Kurrajong Camp, the northern and less busy of the 2 campsite in the national park. From the camp site it was a very short walk up a hill to a spot to see a view of the western face as the sunset.

63e bungles

Music was by the letter D – Dido, The Doors, Don McLean, and Dixie Chicks


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