Day 65. Bungle Bungles to Kununurra

We packed up this morning, left the tvan and drove to the start of our first walk of the day, Mini Palm Track, a 5km return walk. The walk started out on a dry stony creek bed before entering the gorge where we had to climb over boulders and squeeze through very narrow gaps in the rocks.

65 mini palms 1 small

65 mini palms 2 small

65 mini palms 3 small

The gorge was filled with palms, with many more growing on rocky shelves up the walls. At the end, there was a huge boulder that could not be passed so a viewing platform had been built on top of it. From this we could see a the end of the gorge which was like a massive cavernous room, similar to the end of Cathedral Gorge but not as wide.


The second walk we did was Echidna Chasm; this is a narrow crack in the rock. Very deep with little sun coming. We were there around the middle of the day, which you need to be to get any sun coming in. Through the later part of the walk the chasm is so narrow that there are points you cannot pass people and above are boulders that are wedged between the walls.

65 Echidna 2 small

On the way out of here, we ran into the Foxes.65 Echidna and Foxes small They had been from Wyndham, down to Wolfe Creek and now here. That is a lot of kilometres, no encounters with psychopaths at Wolfe Creek, just a visit to the crater. The crater is 850metres across, 50metres deep and was created about 300,000 years ago by an iron meteorite that was pulverised on contact.

We went back collected the tvan and headed for Kununurra. First, the 55km on the bumpy Spring Creek Track then highway and sealed road all the way to Kununurra. Unbelievably Ben and Patrick slept the 1½hours it took to do this. When we arrived at the highway and stopped for a break Patrick woke up stating, “My bum hurts” our response “Not surprising, as it is the bumpiest road ever”. The boys pulled rocks and sticks from his seat (he likes to collect them) and then he topped it all by producing a Rubik’s Cube that he had been sitting on the whole time. I am sure he had a much nicer ride on the second part of the drive.

Music by Bob Marley

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