Day 68. Kununurra to Victoria Highway

This will be the shortest blog of the trip as we didn’t do much except drive. We left Kununurra late morning, and left Western Australia not long after that. We were all a bit sad about this having spent the last 2 months here and had the most fabulous time. Like pretty much every other time we have been sad to leave somewhere we have been equally excited to go to the next place. So Northern Territory here we come.

We continued driving east all day along the Victoria Highway. The scenery along the way was gorgeous and despite the temptation to detour we can’t as we have to be in Darwin in a few days for a flight. We drove as far as we could but wanted to set up camp before it got dark. We made it to a roadside camp about 100kms west of Katherine.

68 sunset

Another nice sunset but now Tom is trying to make them fancy. A bonus of being in the middle of nothing is the stars so we got out the iPads and tried to identify some stars and constellations.

Music today – The Tea Part, and Tex, Don and Charlie.

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