Day 70. Darwin

It is a bit bizarre being in a city. We haven’t been anywhere big since Broome and even that didn’t have high rises. In the morning we went to the Northern Territory Museum and Art Gallery. This had something for everyone. The Art Gallery part had a fabulous collection of Aboriginal art. We are all getting rather good at identifying what area the art comes from, or at least the places we have been. We are also able to recognize some of the symbols in the paintings. Sam especially loves going this and has taken to drawing his own stories.  The boys loved the natural history part of the museum, all the stuffed birds and animals, they also are excellent at identifying them. There is an enormous stuffed saltwater crocodile called Sweetheart, I really am not that keen to see one in the wild as they really freak me out.

There was quite a bit on Cyclone Tracey, and the exhibition is great. The photos, videos and reports really reveal how wide spread the devastation was, and there is a blacked out sound booth that plays a sound recording that was made during the cyclone. That’s another experience I am happy to forgo. The original art gallery and museum was destroyed in the cyclone and much of the artefacts were also destroyed.

70 Oil tunnelsAfter lunch we went to the World War II Oil Storage Tunnels. These were built after the bombing of Darwin to store the oil. Oops, they didn’t get finished till after the war and then they leaked. A bit of a fail. There was lots of information and photos about the bombing and the Australian and American air force in Darwin at that time.We wandered a bit around the government buildings and looked at the Governors house and then returned to the caravan park for a swim, dinner and off to bed.

No photos allowed in the museum accounts for not many being taken today. But  here are some of Sam practicing his juggling.70 Sam juggling small

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