Day 77. Gapuwiyak

77 Arnhem winners smallArnhem Sports officially finished this morning with the presentation of medals and trophies. Each of the winning teams got medals as well as the best overall track and field for each age group. Gapuwiyak dominated in the team events winning all but the junior volleyball, and also won the overall trophy. Apparently, it is a bit of a rivalry with the Shepherdson College of Galiwin’ku on Elcho Island who were defending champions. There were also a number of other presentations, many thank yous, including Tom and I. The funniest was by the staff of Gapuwiyak who passed a torch onto Millingimbi (I think) the school hosting next year. They said that this was the torch used on night patrols of the school, where all the kids were sleeping, and they wanted to see it being used for night patrols there.

We were all shattered after the nonstop few days so planned to have a very quiet afternoon. The boys and I did, but Tom was invited out fishing with a couple of guys. One of them used to work in Gapuwiyak, and he in his wife were back with a few students from Mudgee, where she works now. They went to place called ‘Fresh meets Salt’, a beautiful freshwater waterfall comes down into a tidal estuarine river. They fished on incoming tide with lures and caught some catfish, and a small shark but alas no Barramundi.

77 Gapu Tom fishing small

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