Day 79. Gapuwiyak to Yirrkala

Today we bid a very sad farewell to Gapuwiyak. It has been the most extraordinary experience, and we all felt extremely lucky to be able to go to such a remote and unaffected part of Australia. Tom and I are very keen for SOS Foundation to continue to be part of Arnhem Sports, next year it will be in Millingimbi. We have been told it is easier to get to as commercial flights go there from Darwin.

A funny thing that Matt (the teacher) told us is that a few of the local kids think our kids are cool because they do not wear shoes. This is not normal for Balanda kids. Their feet have got so tough and they are so used to going barefoot that I think the only thing that will get them wearing shoes when we get home will be the cold weather.

Before leaving we picked up a yidaki that was made by a local guy, whose name I cannot remember. Yidaki is the yolngu word for the didgeridoo. We actually found out that didgeridoo is a name given by white man, something to do with the sound that it made. So there is a bit of trivia for you. The boys can all make a noise on it now they just need to master the circular breathing. We also need to find a place to carry it in the tvan. Not sure how that will work, but I am sure we will find a place.

79 Gap last day small

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