Day 86. Darwin to Litchfield National Park

We picked up the car and tvan this morning. Tom and I were very pleased to have our home back and get on the road again. Goodness knows what we will be like when we finally return to Melbourne. I guess we will just have to start planning our next adventure, but as my mother said, we will never have a holiday as good as this one again. Sigh!!! But we are definitely enjoying this one.

After a quick shop, we set off to Litchfield National Park. This is remarkably close, only about 100km from Darwin. A main sealed road cuts through the national parks with lots of sites branching off. Most of these are accessible by 2WD, which is a bit unusual compared to the places we have been recently. In addition, as it is school holidays in the NT, they have 4 weeks, it is a bit crowded… for us at least. We have been spoilt.

On the way in we stopped at the Magnetic Termite Mounds. These termite mounds are all aligned in a north- south direction. Scientists did an experiment by changing the magnetic field around the termites and the termites then built their mounds along what was the altered north-south axis. In-built compasses – cool. The mounds were not that exciting and we had seen smaller but better examples in Arnhem Land, there were also other termite mounds these ones were massive and imaginatively called Cathedral Termite Mounds.

86 Termite Mounds small

We continued onto our campsite – the 4WD-only campground at Florence Falls, there were only six sites here and all full when we arrived. Fortunately, Ben had spiked a temperature and needed a spew. I know you think why is this fortunate, well when he and I were out of the car the campers in one of the sites informed us they were leaving in about 10 minutes. So without the stop for the spew we would have just driven out and would have had to camp in one of the bigger and busier campsites.

After a bit of a rest and some panadol Ben was feeling a bit better and we walked about a kilometre along Shady Creek to Florence Falls. The walk was beautiful and we saw some wildlife along the way including a Mertons Water Monitor.

86 Shady creek small

Florence Falls and swimming hole were lovely, but it was packed. Patrick was funny when he innocently asked why all these people were here. When I told him they were here for a swim just like us, he replied “We don’t go to swimming holes where there are other people” I think he may be in for a bit of a shock from now on, and will have to learn to share.

86 Florence Falls small

With Ben fading, we returned to camp, dinner and early to bed for everyone to catch up on last nights lost sleep.

Music – Hunters and Collectors.


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