Day 87. Litchfield National Park

With a full night sleep everyone was feeling refreshed and Ben was feeling much better, not 100% but better none the less. We headed off to Wangi Falls, trying to get there early to avoid the crowds. We did but it was too cold for a swim so we did a walk that took us to the top of the falls and down the other side. The walk took us through some tropical rainforest, with loads of squawking fruitbats. As we were walking I kept expecting monkeys to come swinging through the trees, it felt more like Asia than Australia.

87 Wangi Falls pano smallBy the time we returned to the plunge pool we had got a bit warmer and the sun had made its way over to shine on the pool, so in for a swim.

Next, we decided to get out of the major sites of Litchfield by taking the 4WD track to the ruins of Blyth Homestead and to Tjaynera (Sandy Creek) Falls. There were a couple of small water crossings, it made us laugh when there was a car waiting at one of them for someone else to go first as it was very shallow. I don’t think they would have gone through the ones on the Gibb if they were nervous about this. The guidebook did describe it as ‘a major water crossing through the fast-flowing Tolmer River’, not at the moment.

Blyth Homestead was built in 1929 for the Sargent family and was still in use until the area was made a national park in 1986. The ‘homestead’ was an out station from the main homestead, and there was a small tin mine out the back.

87 Blyth Homestead smallA lovely spot for scones with jam and cream.

Further along the 4WD track was Tjaynera Falls. It was a 1.7km walk each way to the falls, along the way were cycads, plants that have been around since the dinosaurs. The falls and plunge pool was gorgeous and not crowded at all. This truly was a hidden gem and I think it may make it into the top five or ten waterfall/pools. This list will be very difficult to complete.

87 Tjaynera Falls pano small

On the walk back we encouraged Patrick and Sam to walk a little quicker, and we made it back in about half an hour.

Last stop of the day was the Lost City, this is a collection of sandstone columns and blocks, that resemble ruined buildings. Sam and Patrick also found a hidden transformer and its dog in the ruins. See the first picture below.

87 Lost City small

87 Sam,Pat and Spider smallPatrick and Sam collecting water from the river to wash the dishes, and Tom’s study of an orb spider. There are heaps of them around Litchfield especially just above the water in the creeks and waterholes.

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