Day 88. Litchfield National Park to Darwin

We packed up the tvan this morning and headed to Darwin with a few stops on the way. We went out the northern entrance of the park that is not used as much due to some of it being unsealed road, but it was nice to go a different way, and not on the major road.

First stop was Tolmer Falls. A 2km loop took us to the top of the falls, which consisted of a series of rock pools the water then dropped vertically through chasms.

88 Tolmer Falls Top pano small

88 Tolmer Falls Top small

Further around there was a lookout. The falls cascade spectacularly into a narrow cavern, these shield caves that are the breeding site of endangered orange horseshoe bat and ghost bat. There is no access to the pool at the bottom so as to protect the habitat of the bats but I would also guess because the cavern is so deep that the water would be freezing.

88 Tolmer Falls small

Next stop and last in Litchfield was Cascade Falls. The walk there followed the creek to the lower falls where we had a swim. We then climbed up the falls and continued to walk along the river as it cascaded down rocks. The continuation of the loop back to the car was hot and exposed over rocky ground so we were quite pleased when the finish came.

88 Cascades 1 small

88 Cascades 2 small

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