Day 89. Darwin

This morning Kane, our business partner flew into Darwin, he and Tom are going out on a 3 day-night fishing trip. This achieved two things – a big thank you for Kane for looking after the businesses while we are away and so that Tom can get his fishing fix. (There will be a post later written by Tom devoted to this trip, if you are interested)

The flight arrived at 6:45 so I was up early to pick him up and had returned to the campsite before anyone else was up. At his request after breakfast we went to the Eat Point Military Museum, a patient had told him to go there. This was remarkably good, and not somewhere we would have gone unless he suggested it. The museum is all about Darwin’s experiences in World War II. There are fabulous audiovisual displays about the history of the Japanese involvement in the war, and about the bombing of Darwin including many personal accounts.

After lunch we were going to go to the beach, but having heard that just under 400 saltwater crocs were taken out of Darwin Harbour in the past year, and that since the tide was out it would be a long wade out to get to knee high water we opted to go to Leanyer water park instead. This was fantastic. It is run by the YMCA, is free and amazingly, even though it is school holidays was not crowded. It is ‘winter’ and 32° is too cold for the locals. There were three slides, two were single person ones and the third you went down as a pair on blow up ‘boat’ I preferred this one as t did not hurt my bum.

In the late afternoon, we went to Cullen Bay and found a lovely place with a view over the water. Kane and Tom were departing for their fishing trip from the marina here. Cullen Bay is obviously one of the nicer suburbs of Darwin.

89 Cullen bay small

Strolling through the marina we chose our boats. Below is Kane and Sam’s pick.89 Cullen bay 2 small

We all had dinner at Yots Greek Taverna, on the deck overlooking the marina and the food was delicious. Even Ben is a convert to Greek now. After dinner the big boys got on the charter boat, their home for the next few days and the littler boys and I went home to the van.

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