Day 90. Darwin

The boys and I went to Crocosaurus Cove today. This amazingly is set right in the middle of town and was surprisingly good; it was quite gimmicky but still lots of fun.

90 Croc cove 2 small

Apart from the crocs there was an aquarium contained bizarre looking saw nose sharks, and a reptile house. The kids and I got to hold a snake, blue-tongued lizard and a bearded dragon. We also saw feeding time at the reptile house this was quite cool to see the lizards chasing the live insects that were put into their enclosures.

90 Croc cove 1 small

90 Croc reptiles small

Feeding of the big crocs was a bit ordinary but the feeding of the little ones was much more fun. This was called ‘fishing for crocs’ Meat was attached to fishing lines (minus the hooks) and then members of the public could dangle it above the enclosure of the crocs. The crocs then would jump competing with the others to get the meat.

90 Croc fishing small

In the evening, we went to the Deckchair Cinema, thankfully an outdoor cinema that was playing something appropriate for the kids. We had not been having that much luck with previous locations. The movie was The Croods, a Pixar movie about a Stone Age family, John Cleese was one of the writers and it was hilarious. There was a lot of quoting from it a few days later when we went to Kakadu and saw the rock art. You will only understand this if you have seen the movie, and even then you might not. Weird sense of humour happening here.

90 Deckchair Cinema small


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